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30 Tage Money Back Garantie auf Recording-Preamps bei Thomann Riesenauswahl an Markenqualität. Folge Deiner Leidenschaft bei eBay! Kostenloser Versand verfügbar. Kauf auf eBay. eBay-Garantie Honestly, for the $, the MXR bass preamp/DI is a steal. Sounds great and the DI is near-pristine and have the added benefit of an intelligent and practical EQ section. I had one and swapped it out for the Mesa Subway but the MXR is exactly what it is meant to be - clean DI with simple EQ. And it's way cheaper than a Radial box or Countryman they're very similar there are notable differences between a pre and a DI box however. they are: 1. DI boxes are designed to go through meaning you can run your line pretty much unaltered to your amplifier. 2. DI boxes often provide multiple in and out levels to drive long cable runs to a recording head. 3. Many DI boxes will run off of 48v phantom power only

A word on bass DI box vs preamp. A DI box is specifically used to convert an unbalanced, high impedance, instrument level input to a balanced, low impedance, microphone level output which can be fed into a mixer. On the other hand, a preamp is a general term to describe any device that serves one of the following functions: increasing the gain, altering the tone of the input, or converting unbalanced inputs to balanced outputs, just to name a few Möchte man unmittelbar an der DI-Box bereits die Möglichkeit haben, das Basssignal direkt beeinflussen und verändern zu können, so kommen dafür vor allem sogenannte Preamp-DI-Boxen in Betracht. Neben der Funktion als vollwertige DI-Box verfügen diese Geräte über eine Vorstufe mit Klangregelung

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What Are The Best Bass Preamp Pedals? 1. Tech21 Sansamp Bass Driver DI (Our Pick!) 2. MXR M81 Bass Preamp (Best Budget Option) 3. Darkglass Alpha Omega (Best Premium Option) 4. TC Spectradrive; 5. Darkglass Microtubes B7K v2; 6. Xotic Effects Bass BB; 7. Aguilar Tone Hammer; 8. Darkglass Harmonic Booster; 9. Hartke Bass Attack 2; 10. Gallien-Krueger Plex; Bass Preamp Pedal Buyer's Guid For the sound guy: Sound guys love DI boxes because they're much easier to mix at the console as DI works very nicely with mixing consoles. Are all DI boxes the same? No. You can consider a DI box the same as you would your favorite stomp-box pedal effect. You use certain effects because they have a certain sound that your ears like. The same can be said for DI boxes

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Ampeg SCR-DI Bass DI Preamp with Scrambler Overdrive Pedal Demo - YouTube. Ampeg SCR-DI Bass DI Preamp with Scrambler Overdrive Pedal Demo. Watch later. Share Craig Strain from http://www.basslessonsmelbourne.com compares some top notch DI boxes for BassTheWorld.com. All boxes: Tonecraft 363 Tube DI, A Design REDDI... All boxes: Tonecraft 363 Tube DI, A. Beide Features (Bass Boost und Mid-Shift) werden mit kleinen Tastern zwischen den EQ-Potis scharfgeschaltet. Input des Eden-Preamps In Sachen Anschlüssen beschränkt sich die WTDI auf das Nötigste: rechts wird der Bass mit der Input-Klinkenbuchse verbunden, links geht es mit einem unsymmetrischen Signal durch die Output-Klinkenbuchse wieder raus zum Verstärker oder einer Endstufe

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Download all the audio files here:http://www.basslessonsmelbourne.comThis video features a direct comparison of some of the finest D.I Boxes on the market in.. Bewirb dich jetzt für ein kostenfreies Orientierungsgespräch mit Thom und erreiche in der Musikproduktion die Qualität, die du dir wünschst. Klicke auf den f.. zu 'DI-Box: Funktion & Aufbau + aktiv vs. passiv + Anwendungsbeispiele' Czebo 24. Nov 2008 21:41 Uhr Antworten. Könntest du bei Zeiten vllt. einmal erläutern, wie genau man eine DI-Box im Bereich ReAmping nutzen kann!? Würde mich persönlich brennend interessieren - man findet viel im Internet. Aber leider viel zu viele verschiedene.

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Viele der Stompboxen aus dieser Kategorie sind eine Kombination aus Vorverstärker (Preamp) und DI-Box, die speziell für Gitarre oder Bass bestimmt sind. Das heißt, dass Sie Ihr Instrument nicht nur direkt an ein Mischpult anschließen, sondern es erst noch den Klangcharakter eines bestimmten Verstärkertyps annehmen lassen können. Genau wie bei einem Gitarrenverstärker kann der Sound oft noch weiter mittels Gain oder Drive (zur Übersteuerung) bzw. Tonregelung modifiziert werden. Siehe auc Das Boss AD-2 Acoustic-Preamp DI-Pedal verspricht außer einem Hall in Studioqualität auch, dem sterilen Piezosignal den authentischen akustischen Charakter zurückzugeben Ich habe einen Preamp für einen Bass mit wenig Output. Dazu ist ein kleiner EQ verbaut, wenn man mal einen braucht. Ein Kompressor ist auch an Bord, falls nötig. Dafür ist ein Preamp schon praktisch, auch als DI-Box zu nutzen. Basssid New Member. Bassix ß901 21. November 2016 #6 Habe nen Preamp im Fußtreter-Format, der mir den Sound etwas aufhübscht, wenn ich zB ohne Bass-Anlage. Direct Box Instrument Preamp. Combination preamp/DI boxes give you more control over the tone of your instrument, along with the ability to select between two instruments or quickly mute before tuning Top-Angebote für Bass Preamp online entdecken bei eBay. Top Marken | Günstige Preise | Große Auswah

Eine DI-Box wandelt das asymmetrische, hohe Impedanz-Signal in ein Signal um, das für den Mikrofoneingang Ihres Mischpults brauchbar ist. So können Signalverluste und Störungen auf ein Minimum reduziert werden. Viele der Stompboxen aus dieser Kategorie sind eine Kombination aus Vorverstärker (Preamp) und DI-Box, die speziell für Gitarre oder Bass bestimmt sind. Das heißt, dass Sie Ihr. Like many Behringer products, the Behringer V-Tone Bdi21 Bass Amp Modeler/ Direct Recording Preamp/ DI Box offers a great value to musicians who are looking for an affordable bass preamp. To learn more about the product, as well as how it stacks up to the competition, check out the specifications below. The first thing to note about this product is that it's intended to function as both a. From here, the low-impedance signal is sent into a preamp to amplify the volume. Some mic preamps have a 1/4 DI input option. You can simply plug your bass or guitar straight into the mic pre and it converts the signal. Each DI and DI/mic pre option has its own flavor. On the DI front, A Designs REDDI DI box is a beloved tube DI for bass Whether you're amping or pre-amping your guitar signal, The only extra thing that you might not have is a direct box. Also known as a DI, these humble rectangles are one of the most misunderstood pieces of gear. What all direct boxes exist to do is convert a hi-Z (or high-impedance) line-level signal to a lo-Z mic-level signal. They are also able to do other very useful tasks, like lift. If you gig a lot or do a lot of studio recording, you should have a good DI box.It's a good idea for electric guitarists; it's an even better idea for bass guitarists and acoustic guitarists.. DI (direct injection, direct input—take your pick) boxes are a good idea because they protect your signal from noisy outside interference like that nasty hum you otherwise can't seem to get rid of

Acoustic DI's. Since acoustic guitars traditionally use passive piezo-electric pickups. The standard rule of thumb suggests an active DI, correct? While that is true, these pickups have an even higher impedance than those found in active basses. And therefore use special acoustic DI's designed specifically for the instrument Playing the World Tour DI pedal is like having the preamp section of an Eden amp on the floor, including 3-band equalization, compression and 'enhance' The Eden World Tour DI - or just WTDI - serves multiple purposes as it is able to shape your tone in a number of ways and at the same time you can use it as a DI to feed the Front of House, or you can run directly to an audio. Ebenfalls möchten wir die Anschlussmöglichkeit für einen E-Bass/E-Gitarre vorsehen. Der Sinn besteht darin, eine Art Plug&Play Lösung für Musiker zu schaffen, die spontan eine kleine Einlage bringen wollen (Stichwort Open Stage). Leider ist mir nicht klar, ob ich passive DI-Boxen (etwa Palmer PAN01) oder aktive DI-Boxen (etwa Palmer PAN02) anschaffen soll. Oder ein Mix aus beiden. 0 dBv is an average line level, typical output from rackmount guitar/bass preamps.-10 dBv is consumer line level, common with older and cheaper recording gear. -20 dBu is roughly in the neighborhood of a typical instrument's output.-30 dBu is again in the neighborhood of a typical microphone or DI box's output. However, instruments and microphones can have a very wide range of output levels.

Let's start from the top: a DI, or direct inject or direct box, is a device that allows one to plug an instrument output directly into a microphone preamp. A DI achieves this by doing two conversions: 1) from high impedance (Hi-Z) to low and 2) from unbalanced to balanced. Electronically, there are two ways (at least) to perform these conversions: 1) actively, with buffering/balancing. The DI box was adopted by such Motown greats as James Jamerson Sr., Dennis Coffey and Bob Babbitt, who defined the sound of a generation with their soulful playing and crisply captured notes. Recreated by Acme Audio, the new Motown D.I. WB-3 brings the exact character as the original DI box But - you knew that but was coming didn't you :) - I recommend always using DI Boxes for recording guitar and bass if you're not mic'ing an amp. If you're using a microphone to record the sound coming from an amp then a DI Box is unnecessary because the mic is sending the correct line level already. Here are the reasons why I recommend using a DI Box to plug your guitar or bass directly into. active DI box e_rock, if you're looking for a decent-sounding inexpensive DI box, try the Behringer Ultra-DI or Ultra-G (same but with the 4x12 emulator). I have a Ultra-DI and it works really well for recording bass, it or the Ultra-G should do as well for direct guitar A DI box, unless it has some kind of gain pot like the Avalon U5 DI, just converts your signal to a balanced, low-impedance signal suitable for preamp inputs. It doesn't amplify the signal. On the Great River, you can use the gain pot to get the correct output level. You typical signal path for Bass would be: Bass->DI->Preamp->Motu Stein Tor

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Today, there are active direct boxes that are specifically made with bass in mind such as the A Designs REDDI, Summit TD100, and the Avalon U5. (They all work extremely well on guitars, synths, and electric pianos too.) There are also units that straddle the DI and preamp categories designed specifically for electric and acoustic guitars Aura Spectrum DI. Studio Mic Sound For Your Instrument. FIND OUT MORE. TriplePlay Connect . Getting More Sounds Just Got Easier. FIND OUT MORE. YouTube. New Livestreams Weekly! SUBSCRIBE. Legacy. Mike Inez Legacy Series Bass Pickups. FIND OUT MORE. Loudbox. The Most Loved Acoustic Amplifiers. FIND OUT MORE / 6 / 6. Acoustic: Loudbox Amplifiers, Pickups, Preamps. Electric: Fluence. MIDI.

MXR M80 Bass D.I.+ Direct Box and Preamp with Distortion. From the distortion channel to the color switch to the preset EQ contour, the M-80 Bass Preamp and DI Box delivers superior tonal flexibility. Overview -The M80 starts as a solid, high-quality direct box. Then it adds a mountain of features -- making it, pound for pound, one of the most powerful bass tools ever. In this little box. A DI with stunning tone & clarity for all of your instruments. New custom Rupert Neve-designed transformers and class-A biased, discrete FET amplifiers deliver a powerful and vibrant direct box sound capable of reproducing the full harmonic depth of basses, guitars, acoustic instruments, synths The Plex preamp combines 47 years of amp design experience with state of the art technology to deliver the flexibility today's musicians require. The heart of every GK product is the active 4 band variable Q equalizer and contour circuit that set the standard for bass tone shaping over 30 years ago. Building on this proven foundation, the PLEX features expanded filter options that allow.

This preamp/direct box is so strong and powerful it could only be called the Tone Hammer! Based on the respected OBP-3 preamp, the Tone Hammer ® features fully sweepable midrange frequencies in addition to bass and treble controls. With the Tone Hammer's pristine D.I. you are set for the studio or the stage BOOM AVE Bass Preamp DI Box Multi Effects Pedal Compressor Boost Fuzz Octave FX . $59.99. Was: $74.99. $8.00 shipping. or Best Offer. TONE MONSTER SBK-3D Bass Guitar Preamp Balance Volume Treble Middle Bass 4 Pots. $57.99. $7.95 shipping. 10 watching. TONE MONSTER SEB2-ABPA+ Guitar Bass Preamp Active Passive 4 Potentiometers. $79.99 . $7.95 shipping. 22 watching. TONE MONSTER SEB3-ABPA+ & MT. No. The Line/Inst switch on both inputs essentially converts the input to a DI box. You can connect an electric bass to either input channel, set the switch to Inst (short for instrument) and record the bass normally. The preamps in Scarlett int.. Bass-Preamps. Bassmax; Daniel D Bass - De Luxe; Bass Friend; Tube Basspreamp MK 7; Kontrabass; Bass-Verstärker. Monoblock-Bass; Slave 200; The Bass Studio Amplifier; The Bass Studio Amp De Luxe ; Studio Amp & Tube Di Box; Bass-Boxen. T-12 Bassbox; Woody Line Bassboxen; Orgel & Keyboard - Preamps. Suitcase Piano Preamp Reverb; Röhrenhall - Tube Reverbration; Organ & Groove 2; Organ & Groove. One user uses for keyboards, basses, and acoustic guitars. There are no unsatisfied or critical reviews of the DI that could be found for this research. Bottom-line. If you want a general purpose active DI box for your acoustic guitar, the best choice would be the Countryman Type 85. It's fairly priced, and comes with the essentials of what you need to get a good guitar tone without trying.

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Their new SCR-DI pedal is essentially a preamp that merges a DI unit with an SVT-inspired tone stack, EQ, and bass-overdrive circuit. Master and Commander The SCR-DI's die-cast zinc enclosure scores off the charts in terms of ruggedness. You'd be hard-pressed to find many other pedals on the market with an enclosure as solid as this. For the price of a couple of Benjamins, the SCR-DI is a. Get tube and solid-state sonics and everything in-between with this unique mic pre/DI. The award-winning 710 Twin-Finity™ is a radical UA mic preamp design that combines both the classic retro warmth of tubes with the transient bite of solid-state, all in a 2U, half-rack unit. The 710 was created specifically to add the tonal versatility and sonic inspiration missing from generic audio.

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Best acoustic guitar pickups 2020 The LR Baggs Anthem is a firm favorite with the pros and for good reason. Using under-saddle piezo and LR Baggs' True-Mic technology, the Anthem captures all the dynamic range of your instrument and your playing, delivering studio-quality tone Passive: the bass must first be connected to a DI box (helping to match impedance levels) Recording direct helps to capture the low end and the note definition of the bass guitar. But it doesn't really catch the sound's body - this requires an amp. Ideally, the bass should be recorded both directly and through an amp at the same time to give you the best sound and tone possible. If you. JHS Pedals: Colour Box preamp/EQ pedal Reviewed by Chris Koltay. The use of effect pedals at the mixing board is by no means a new thing. I remember studio owners thinking I was crazy in the '90s when I patched in a SansAmp Bass Driver DI or BOSS DM-2 Delay pedal on vocals at mix. Then everyone was talking about that Strokes vocal sound and saying it was a Rat pedal. Somewhere in there. BAE are manufactures of high end microphone preamp/equalizers faithful to vintage designs of the seventies and before. With a penchant for high quality transformers like Carnhill (St lves) and Jensen, everything is as close to the vintage philosophy as possible. Not only that but we insist everything is hand-wired/soldered using discreet electronics and not economized on a circuit board Acoustic guitar and electric bass preamps, pedals and DI's including the Venue DI, Session DI, Stadium DI, Para DI and the Align Series Acoustic Pedal Suite . VOICEPRINT DI Capture » Enhance » Connect. Voiceprint DI measures the acoustic response of your guitar by leveraging the processing power of your smartphone to accurately capture your guitar's one-of-a-kind voice. A Voiceprint is.

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  1. e TP-4T preamp found on G Series guitars features a gain knob, a tuner, an active shelving system EQ with bass, middle, and treble frequency slider controls, and a low battery light. The preamp is switched on by plugging a standard mono instrument cable into the endpin/strap pin jack. Unplugging the cable switches the preamplifier off. The TP-4T Preamplifier is powered by a single 9.
  2. GEDDY LEE SIGNATURE SANSAMPS LEARN MORE > dUg PINNICK SIGNATURE PEDAL MODEL DP-3X LEARN MORE > RICHIE KOTZEN SIGNATURE FLY RIG MODEL RK5 LEARN MORE > LOOK FOR THIS SYMBOL Purchases from sellers who are not Authorized Tech 21 dealers are at your own risk. Warranty coverage applies only to purchases made through Tech 21 [
  3. The Ampeg SCR-DI Bass DI with Scrambler™ Overdrive is a true Ampeg preamp, delivering a wide range of Ampeg tone perfect for the stage. The classic Ampeg EQ offers additional tonal control including Ultra-Hi and Ultra-Lo tone shaping. Plus, you can dial in tube-like grind with the all-new Bass Scrambler overdrive. The SCR-DI has all the connections to get Ampeg tone out of any rig and send.
  4. Back On Attack. The Bass Attack 2 combines Hartke 's classic preamp/direct box circuitry and striking tone into a rugged, zinc die cast stompbox-style design. Its ultra-clean, flexible output stage and vast array of tone shaping controls include 1/4 and balanced XLR direct outputs and Hartke 's legendary Shape EQ, Contour and Overdrive effect.. Study of Shap

A DI generally reduces the voltage (-20dB) to be appropriate for a mic pre, which means you would plug the DI into the Mic Input, and my comment wouldn't be relevant because it was pointed at the Instrument Input. Might also be weird to go thru adapters to drive a stomp box with a signal now dropped 20dB to raise it back +20 to +40 dB again The ToneDEQ Preamp EQ is a complete performance solution for the acoustic musician. With a high-quality preamp, dual effects section, tone controls, a compressor, level booster and a balanced D.I. — it's got everything you need in one box

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  1. Hello everyone. My name is Matt and I created this video with my friend and extraordinary bass player from Berlin, Niklas Lukassen. I own an MXR Bass Pream..
  2. Use it as a straight-up tube preamp or a dynamite direct box (DI) for guitars and basses. We've provided all of the extras you need, including a highpass filter, phantom power, polarity reverse, and a backlit VU meter. Yet with all its features, it's small enough to carry almost anywhere—or simply screw-mount it to a standard rack tray. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet. Lorem ipsum dolor sit.
  3. Seite 1 V-TONE BASS DRIVER DI BDI21 Bass Amp Modeler/Direct Recording Preamp/DI Box Vielen Dank für Dein Vertrauen in BEHRINGER-Produkte, das Du mit dem Kauf (9) Diese LED leuchtet bei aktiviertem Effekt (siehe (8)). des V-TONE BASS BDI21 zum Ausdruck gebracht hast. Dieser hoch qualitative Bass-Driver eignet sich für alle Bassisten mit hohen Ansprüchen an Sound und..
  4. Ein Adapter Klinke-XLR am Bass, dann XLR-Kabel in XLR-Dose an der Wand, von da ins Mischpult. Ich werde zum testen am Donnerstag mal den Blue Soul mitnehmen. Der hat einen ordentlichen DI-Out und kann ohne Box betrieben werden. Wenn das gut funktioniert, schau ich mal, dass ich den Growling Krizzly ans laufen kriege. Ansonsten eine DI-Box für.
  5. Creating specialized pickups and accessories for musical instruments since 1971. Our patented NanoMAG and NanoFlex pickups bring music to your ears
  6. Designed as the ideal preamp for any application, the tube driven TPS II and DPS II add warmth and texture to any audio source. These two-channel high performance preamps use a hand selected 12AX7A tube in the low noise input circuitry. Learn More. Active & Passive DI's. Amps & Monitors. Digital Interfaces / Mixers. EQ's & Processors. Headphone Amps. Instrument / Accessories. Microphones.
  7. Sometimes people confuse preamps with DI boxes; this is an easy mistake because so many devices include the functions of both. A Many pedal preamps, onboard bass pre's, and older rackmount pre's do not put out a signal strong enough to drive a power amp with a 1.25V or higher rating. If you try a certain preamp and it sounds weak, that's probably the reason. Similarly, if you get great.

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  1. Bass preamp and direct box with overdrive No more bass guitar going straight into the DI box provided by the PA system, no we go through this beast the we sound like we should! Big and Defined. Read more. One person found this helpful. Helpful. Report abuse. Melisa Cornejo. 4.0 out of 5 stars 1/4' jacks aren't safe. Reviewed in the United States on June 17, 2018. Verified Purchase. It.
  2. ates the harsh, unnatural harmonics of piezo pickups, while the Drive control offers some tasteful edge.
  3. Tonal Attack. A monster tone-shaping preamp that doubles as a full-featured direct box, Hartke 's VXL Bass Attack Preamp/Direct Box offers expanded control over the tone of any bass rig. Featuring the famous Hartke Shape circuit, extensive EQ controls and stunning tube emulation, this pedal provides endless possibilities for attaining a more powerful, full-range bass tone, from the grittiest.

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Transit™ B - Bass Pre-amp ELF Ultra Compact Bass Amplifier. Shop Now. Good things come in small packages, and now Trace Elliot® can add small yet powerful to that saying with the introduction of the ELF bass amplifier. Weighing just 1.6 pounds, this revolutionary amp is small enough to fit in your back pocket. The ELF's remarkable technology and size make it the most portable, gig. Preamp-DI units for double bass and other acoustic instruments often omit the overdrive features, In comparison, if an external DI box is used, with the bassist plugging her/his bass into the DI box and sending the signal to their bass amp, the DI box signal would be the direct signal from the bass' pickups. With the external DI box approach, the sound shaping added to the bass' signal on. A direct box or DI (short for Direct Insertion or Direct Injection, depending on who you ask) converts the unbalanced, high impedance signal of your electric bass, guitar, or keyboard to a balanced, low-impedance signal that is ready to go right to your mixing board or microphone-level audio input. They may also help cure buzz or hum as they can be used to isolate the ground signal, especially. Price: $799/£469/€620 | Power: 500 watts @ 4 ohms, 250 watts @8 ohms | Features: Single channel, hybrid - Class D power amp with valve preamp, clean switch, variable input sensitivity for active or passive basses, natural channel: volume bass, middle, treble, gain | Connections: 1x 1/4-inch jack input sockets, speakon output sockets, balanced DI out, FX loop | Weight: 4.65K Some pedals marketed as preamps really have nothing more to offer than a standard dirt box layout with basic EQ, while other, seemingly similar, units are much more deserving of the moniker, serving as a complete sound solution that can work equally well in front of a guitar amp, clean power amp, in an effects loop, or even direct into a recorder or PA system

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Naturally, there are switches for pre/post EQ, Ground Lift, and DI out line level. Admittedly, 225 watts will really only suffice for your smaller gigs and possibly in the studio, but you can also. Eden managed to distill the essence of their tone into the handy WTDI World Tour Bass DI direct box/preamp. Eden fans have been requesting this for quite a while and they've listened. Much more than a direct box, the Eden WTDI is like bringing a little Eden preamp to every stage and studio gig. Always have one handy in your gigbag, case or pedal board. Use it to Eden-ize that junk box of an.

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  1. Bass overdrive pedals are portable effects units that emulate this overdriven pre-amp sound at the tap of a stomp-box, where traditionally, overdrive was created through increasing voltage gain on tube amplifiers. These units are commonly used inline with other bass effects pedals including bass compressor pedals which help to maintain DB output consistency and bass EQ pedals which are used to.
  2. The TSE B.O.D. is a digital replica of the SansAmp Bass Driver DI pedal, which is a very popular bass preamp DI box with distortion, presence, and EQ controls. This is a very simple plugin which works great and doesn't really use much CPU power. The free plugin is available in VST, AU, and AAX formats, with support for both 64 and 32 bit
  3. g. Mix Factory; Legacy Products. Ventura; HM2EQ Hammer EQ; Demo Units; About Us. Artists.
  4. The sound is bright, fat and crisp with each pre-set. This is the main selling point in my opinion. The dynamics are totally on point and you can find some crazy pre-sets to base songs around. Overall Thoughts . Trillian is easily one of my favorite options that I go to frequently. The sound is great and the dynamics are great. Native Instruments Scarbee Rickenbacker. View Price At Amazon. The.
  5. The EHX Battalion Bass Preamp and DI is packed with a four-band equalizer, fully-featured MOSFET distortion section with three signal path options, a compressor, a noise gate and a comprehensive I/O. An all-in-one tone tank for your bass guitar. Four-band EQ tailored specifically for bass guitar. Includes controls for Bass (below 200Hz), Lo Mid (boost/cut at 280Hz Mid (boost/cut at 750Hz) and.
  6. 3. Pre-gain tone adjustment. As the name says it is a preamp pedal, so it provides the additional advantage of giving you tone controls pre or in front of the gain section of your amp. Most gain controls on guitar and bass amps are right up near the front just after the input jack. There are usually some fixed tone circuits and.
  7. I used all three DI boxes with a variety of electric guitars and basses, keyboards and acoustic guitars with various types of pickups. In all cases the results were nothing short of superb, delivering a bright, clear and extremely clean sound to the console, devoid of any ground hums or audible electronic hiss. Other than the level difference, there was very little change in sound quality when.

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Gallien-Krueger has been on the leading edge of bass amp design and technology for over 50 years. On a sunny afternoon in 1968, Robert Gallien walked into his local music store, carrying an amplifier he had made in his garage. 50 years and thousands of amplifiers later, Bob Gallien is still designing some of the most innovative and highly sought after products on the market Electric Bass. In the studio, a direct box has been the go-to solution for recording basses for years, especially if the bass player is performing in the control room. The super-clean signal path works well with compression and EQ from the console. At the concert level, there's rarely a live performance where a direct box is not used on the.

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  1. Power Supplies for K&K Preamps | Save batteries plus get better performance out of your preamp's circuit. Power supplies for a variety of preamps available. Preamp Table | A high-quality magnetized table that allows you to keep your K&K preamps close for easy access and to reduce cable length
  2. Best Bass Gear is a dedicated bass guitar only website for the bass enthusiast. We carry the highest quality pickups, preamps, and bass guitar parts including hard to find items from top brand names like Bartolini, Aguilar, and Nordstrand. We're dedicated to helping you get the absolute best tone and performance out of your bass guitar. Most products from Best Bass Gear include instructions.
  3. The BAE 1073DMP Desktop Mic Pre packs the warm tones of the legendary 1073 preamp into a portable desktop chassis with built-in power supply. The 1073DMP's iconic sound is thanks to the Carnhill / St. Ives transformers as used in the original Neve module as well as BAE's own recreations. Not just for microphones, the front panel transformer-coupled DI gives you that fat studio bass tone on the.
  4. On stage, the bass signal is typically split into two separate outputs using a DI box: one output goes to your bass amp, while the second output goes directly to the PA. The BB-1X features a convenient balanced Line Out jack that functions as a DI when you need it. But make no mistake, this is not your basic line out—BOSS has specially tuned it for superior tone

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Active DI/preamp with advanced tone shaping. A whole new way to record. Z-TONE DI lets you record two tracks simultaneously: the processed track coming from your amp and effects rig, and a direct track for post-processing using amp sims like the included AmpliTube 5 SE.. This way you can record with your real gear, and at the same time have maximum tone flexibility with a second track that you. The Solo 610 is an awesome preamp/DI, which warms up your tracks. I've been using it intensively for 6 years now and can't praise it more.. It also saturates pleasantly when needed. Extremely recommended. E. Chong . January 23, 2015. AMAZING PIECE OF KIT. One of the best sounding DI boxes out there. LOVE it especially on bass and mic'ing harsh sounding brass instruments. Language: English. Bass Amp Modeler/Direct Recording Preamp/DI Box. Analog modeling bass preamp/stompbox with DI recording output; This BEHRINGER product has been designed to compete head to head with leading products on the market ; Authentic V-TONE modeling technology capable of dialing up big vintage tube tones, funky slap sounds, crunchy distortions and all in between; Provides a truckload of great amps in a.

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The Aguilar Tone Hammer not only acts as a gorgeous and musical sounding bass equalizer pedal, but it's also an incredibly powerful preamp / DI box. There's a reason why they call it a Tone Hammer. It comes complete with a state of the art OBP-3 preamp and completely sweepable midrange frequencies. You can also control the amount of treble. Behringer V-Tone Bass Driver DI BDI21 Bass Amp Modeler/Direct Recording Preamp/DI Box,Silver. 4.2 out of 5 stars 610. Silver. $39.99 $ 39. 99 ($79.98/kg) $44.99 $44.99. FREE Shipping. More Buying Choices $39.17 (6 new offers) Valeton Bass Guitar Amplifier Head TAR-20B Amp Pedal Studio Desktop with CAB SIM. 4.2 out of 5 stars 27. $124.99 $ 124. 99. Get it as soon as Tue, May 18. FREE Shipping. Cheap Guitar Parts & Accessories, Buy Quality Sports & Entertainment Directly from China Suppliers:SONICAKE BOOM Ave. Bass Preamp DI Box Multi Effects Compressor Boost Fuzz Octave Pedal with FX Loop QCE 40 Enjoy Free Shipping Worldwide! Limited Time Sale Easy Return Sadowsky Guitars is one of the preeminent names in the world of handmade guitars, basses, and archtops. Founded by Roger Sadowsky in the early 1980s after Marcus Miller approached him to improve his Jazz Bass, Sadowsky Guitars quickly became a mecca for professional musicians looking to get the most out of their instrument. In the following 30 plus years, the company has built a formidable.

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